October, 2017 – National Hispanic Cultural Center



Concert: Jesus Muñoz Flamenco:  1929. October, 2017.

National Hispanic Cultural Center


Box office:  (505) 724-4771

Prices:  $20, 30, 40, 50  *Student, Senior discounts available.



Jesus Muñoz Flamenco:  is a new generation of Flamenco artists dedicated to preserving a unique philosophy on structural improvisation.  Muñoz is both contemporary and innovative in his choreographic approach, exploring the range of flamenco’s human instrument.  The company is internationally-based.  From Platinum-selling albums to the Grammy’s, Muñoz’s company is host and home to some of the finest musicians in the world.  Together, their mission is to transmit, rejuvenate and reanimate Flamenco’s good energy.   Some of it comes through interpreation of archaic forms, some of it is created now.  Whatever the case, Jesus Muñoz Flamenco is constantly reinventing itself because of the artist’s child-like love and relentless “inquietud” for the art form of Flamenco.

Jesus Muñoz & Company, Links Below

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Click here.  Jesus Muñoz Solo. “Marianas”

Click here.  Jesus Muñoz Solo.  “Solea”

Click here. Red Note Highlights 2013.

Click here.  Full musical ensemble.  “Tangos del Puente.”  Red Note

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Baile: Jesus Muñoz at Detroit Institute for the Arts (Rivera Court)

Baile: Jesus Muñoz at Elizabeth Theatre, Detroit

Baile: Jesus Muñoz at Outpost, Albuquerque

Baile: Valeria Montes “La Chispa,” Kimo Theatre, Albuquerque

Cante: Jose Cortes “Tarantos,” Outpost, Albuquerque

Baile: Jesus Muñoz Acapela improvisacion, Royal Oak, MI

Toque: Jose Vega Jurado “Niño Del Puente”