Highlights:  Techarí

National Hispanic Cultural Center (http://www.nhccnm.org)

October 3rd and 4th


Box office:  (505) 724-4771

Prices:  $35, 45, 55.  *Student, Senior, Children and Group discounts available.

Flamenco takes you into deep trance as the National Hispanic Cultural Center and Casa Flamenca present Jesus Muñoz Flamenco- Techarí: from the Gypsy language of Caló, meaning to be “free,” as in the state of being free, and not under the control or power of another.

We explore Techarí through one of Flamenco’s most profound and mysterious palos (rhythms), a palo that was normally sung behind closed doors. A palo so potent, so profound and absolutely distinguishable that if sung during Franco’s period in Spain it could mean your immediate execution or forced exile. Rather than hide, some chose to express their intimacies, their pain, their sorrows and to live just one moment in time where they felt what it was like to be free, Techarí. 

The rhythm is Soleá. When a Flamenco artist hears the word Soleá—A certain aire comes over their body. Profoundness sets in. The conversation goes from interesting to absolute. Soleá is so unique that its interpretative range is daunted by its simplicity. From extremely slow bouts and bursts of raw emotion to controlled virtuosic speeds, Soleá is one of the most complex and complete palos in its ability and emotional content of all of Flamenco forms. Techarí will take you on a journey inspired by Soleá reminding us of what it means to be free. What it means to let it all go. What it means to have and to be, Techarí.


Jesus Muñoz Flamenco:  is a new generation of Flamenco artists dedicated to preserving a unique philosophy on structural improvisation while being both innovative and contemporary in its approach.

Muñoz has performed in some of the most important venues across the USA, Canada and Spain.  He is responsible for founding Flamenco Por Derecho (tablao), Casa Flamenca, Inc. (non-profit flamenco school) and Jesus Muñoz Flamenco (concert group).  Muñoz’s current projects include creating original works and compositions for his company, Jesus Muñoz Flamenco as well as collaborations with other non-Flamenco ensembles, musicians, poets and individual artists.

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Toque: Jose Vega Jurado “Niño Del Puente”