Highlights:  (Muñoz on Tour August 21-November 19)

Concerts and Master classes in New york City, Detroit, Dallas, North Carolina (multiple cities), Albuquerque, Minneapolis, Las Vegas.  Check event calendars for more details!


Jesus Muñoz Flamenco:  is a new generation of Flamenco artists dedicated to preserving a unique philosophy on structural improvisation while being both innovative and contemporary in its approach.

Muñoz has performed in some of the most important venues across the USA, Canada and Spain.  He is responsible for founding Flamenco Por Derecho (tablao), Casa Flamenca, Inc. (non-profit flamenco school) and Jesus Muñoz Flamenco (concert group).  Muñoz’s current projects include creating original works and compositions for his company, Jesus Muñoz Flamenco as well as collaborations with other non-Flamenco ensembles, musicians, poets and individual artists.

Jesus Muñoz & Company, Links Below

Click here.  PBS interviews Jesus Muñoz on the series “Colores”

Click here.  Jesus Muñoz Solo. “Marianas”

Click here.  Jesus Muñoz Solo.  “Solea”

Click here. Red Note Highlights 2013.

Click here.  Full musical ensemble.  “Tangos del Puente.”  Red Note

Click here. Red Note- Jesus Muñoz clips 2013.

Click here. La Chispa and Company promo 2013.

Click here. Jesus Muñoz Video Highlights 2011

Baile: Jesus Muñoz at Detroit Institute for the Arts (Rivera Court)

Baile: Jesus Muñoz at Elizabeth Theatre, Detroit

Baile: Jesus Muñoz at Outpost, Albuquerque

Baile: Valeria Montes “La Chispa,” Kimo Theatre, Albuquerque

Cante: Jose Cortes “Tarantos,” Outpost, Albuquerque

Baile: Jesus Muñoz Acapela improvisacion, Royal Oak, MI

Toque: Jose Vega Jurado “Niño Del Puente”