4WD off-road

Release time:2016-07-12

  Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship is currently among the three top motor races in China, approved by the General Administration of Sport of China. Of the series of races, Huairou Race in Beijing will be co-hosted by Administration Center for Sport of Motors and Motorcycles affiliated to General Administration of Sport of China, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and People’s Government of Huairou District, jointly undertaken by Huairou District Bureau of Sports, People’s Government of Liulimiao Township in Huairou District, Beijing Motorcycling Development Company and Beijing Yanshan Ningyang Machinery Works.

  The race, which is divided into five groups of gas-consumed vehicles, diesel-consumed vehicles, refitted gas-consumed vehicles, refitted diesel-consumed vehicles and newcomers, is carried out via two phases, preliminaries and finals. At the same time, activities like music festival for motors and cross-country cycling will be organized. Besides, camping zone and food court will be set up, giving you a marvelous feast combining adventure and thrill, fashion and relaxation.