Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Park

Release time:2014-02-21

  As one of the oldest skiing parks in Beijing, Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Park now has 10 years of history, and it occupies an area of 9.6 square kilometers. This skiing park is the most beautiful skiing park in China and possibly in the whole world. Here there are numerous tourist attractions, including the world cultural heritage ”single-sided Great Wall”, 23 watch towers linking with Mutianyu Great Wall, the famous and unique “Jiabian Tower”, and a complete tower of contemporary architectural style. In addition, a ski-gear store is opposite to the Great Wall, and restaurants and a snow-covered villa give the ski park elements of a typical European skiing town.

  Located in the northeast of Huairou District, Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Park, 56km away from Sanyuan Bridge, lie in the Jiugukou Scenic Spot (National Class AAA Scenic Spot), which is situated 5km north of Yanqi Lake.

  Most Beautiful Skiing Park in Beijing

  Situated in Huairou District’s Jiugukou Scenic Spot (called the backyard garden of Beijing City,) Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Park is surrounded by the Great Wall on three sides. Here, the unique “Jiabian Tower” landscape is viewed as a wonder of the architectural history of the Great Wall, and towering Yanshan Mountain’s unique forest terrain gives birth to unique pines and surreal rocks. In addition, the topography here is craggy and steep.

  Largest Skiing Park in Beijing

  Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Park occupies an area of 9.6 square kilometers in total.

  Safest Skiing Park in Beijing

  A guide system in the skiing park conforms to the European standard, and along the ski track, one staff member is positioned every 50 meters to provide you with services.

  Oldest Skiing Park in Beijing Built in 2000, Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Park is one of the oldest skiing parks in Beijing, and it is Beijing’s only international skiing park that was incorporated both in China and in Hong Kong.Skiing Park of Optimal Quality in Beijing CODY service system, a computer networking and year round service system will be at your service at any time, in order to handle your requests as quickly as possible. Moreover, service staff for the skiing park will arrive at your location very quickly to provide you with rapid and excellent services no matter where you are.Beijing’s Only All-weather Skiing Park Built in Beijing Jiugukou Scenic Spot, Beijing Huaibei Skiing Park has nine valleys that are linked together, and five reservoirs scattered among the high mountains and lofty hills that occupy an area of 9.6 square kilometers, and Beijing Huaibei Skiing Park is Beijing’s largest outdoor sports complex and camp. Open to the general public throughout the year, Beijing Huaibei Skiing Park operates events including skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing, field survival training, professional physical training, cross-country orienteering, traversing the Great Wall, raft-building and swimming, and mountain “Counter Strike” activities, in addition to providing fishing, accommodations, and catering.Skiing Park with the Best Facilities in Beijing The newly-decorated skiing gear store looks magnificent, and it is equipped with a convenient electronic charging system (“All on One Card”), deluxe and elegant VIP rooms, spacious and comfortable skiing gear hall, and imported drying & sterilizing equipment. In particular, the entire skiing park uses advanced snowmakers that are purchased from Europe, which provide skiing fans with the best possible snow for their skiing experience.

  In total, Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Park has three cableways (making it Beijing’s only skiing park where the main skiing track is equipped with a cableway), four towing tracks, one “magic carpet”, and seven skiing tracks (one advanced track, three middle-level tracks, four elementary tracks, and one skiing park), which can ensure tourists’ safety and convenience.Beijing Skiing Park with Best Snow Quality Located in Yanshan Mountain, Huaibei International Skiing Park is surrounded by mountains. These help guard against high temperature from the inversion zone, and produces a typical “Small Basin Climate” that features cold, dry air. The skiing park makes snow by using surface water, and the water temperature always ranges between 0℃ and 4℃. Thanks to the unique “Cold Lake Effect”, Huaibei International Skiing Park is able to make snow in the middle of November each year. In an ideal powder form, the new snow is well appreciated among skiing fans because it is soft and perfectly tailored to skiing.Tel.: (010)89696677          Fax: (010)89696712      Website: http//      Email:      Tel.:  (010)89696677      Add.: Hefangkou Village of Huaibei Township, Huairou District, Beijing       Self-drive Route: Enter the Beijing-Chengde Expressway from the third or fourth ring road in Beijing, get off the expressway at Exit 14, arrive at the Exit 3 of Kaifang Road Roundabout, and then drive towards Fengning and Yanqi Lake.