Jujube cultural Qiao Zi Zhen

Release time:2016-07-12

  Qiaozi Town is located in the west of Huairou District with a vast stretch of flat ground as well as very appropriate natural conditions for the growth of Chinese dates, for example, the climate and soil. Currently, it has developed 30 thousand mu of superior bases for growing Chinese dates and cultivated more than ten species of dates like Gagazao, Dongzao and Jinsizao, honored as “the first town of dates in Beijing suburbs”, attracting a large number of tourists to pick every year. Qiaozi’s average yield of Chinese dates per annum exceeds 1.5 million kilos. At present, five parks for sightseeing and picking Chinese dates are available for tourists in Qiaozi Town, which are named Fenghuan, Fengying, Fengni and so on.