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  Wu Mart Jingbei Shopping Mall is located on the front street of the seat of Huairou District, its predecessor being Beijing Jingbei Shopping Mall Group of Commerce and Trade, which is the leading enterprise of commerce in Huairou District. Since the shopping mall’s official opening in 1995, it has developed over 100 thousand varieties of commodities. The enterprise consistently adheres to strict management, constant reforms and bold innovation, committed to the pursuit of satisfying customers’ needs and the management aim of “placing quality and reputation above all”, thereby winning the good name of first-rate shopping mall in Beijing suburb and general approval of the consumers.

  Beijing Wu Mart Jingbei Shopping Mall Commercial Trading Limited Company is preceded by Beijing Jingbei Shopping Mall Group of Commerce and Trade located at 14, front street in Huairou District which officially opened on August 18th, 1995, covering an area of 21,000 m2. In August 2004, Beijing Wu Mart Group bought Jingbei Shopping Mall and was then officially renamed Beijing Wu Mart Jingbei Shopping Mall Commercial Trading Limited Company. Since 2006, the former business area and surrounding buildings were restructured and the project of reconstruction and expansion was enforced at the end of September 2006, in which the building area was expanded to 50,000 m2. Labeled as a high-ranking department store of fashion, it had a staff of over 2,100, and was opened again in a brand new look on September 29th, 2007.

  To guarantee the customers’ interests, the expanded Jingbei Shopping Mall specially set up the Commodity Examination Department, which enforces a uniform examination of commodities before entering the warehouse. All the commodities must go through examination, reception, pricing before entering the warehouse and finally going up to the shelves. Besides, it invested 200 thousand yuan purchasing food detection devices and hiring professional technicians for strict control, who sample the food on sale for detection anytime to assure the customers of the food safety.

  The underground two-layer parking lot and a ground parking lot have altogether 260 stalls, 16 rolling escalators and 7 elevators, making it more convenient and easier for the customers to go to any floor. Automatic fire-fighting and monitoring systems for security effectively ensure the safety of customers and merchants in there, while the multimedia system for sales promotion and shopping guide helps customers keep abreast with the merchants’ latest information.

  Thanks to the entry of a multitude of fashion brands, abundant and reliable source of goods, brilliant and comfortable environment, convenient and swift service facilities as well as strict management system, Wu Mart Jingbei Shopping Mall is no longer a mere shopping mall for trading of commodities, but has turned into a fashion center and shopping paradise which captures and pursues fashion trends.